USGA Handicap Registration

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December 4, 2013 - Virtual Paradise Golf Club

As a current member of Paradise Golf, you can now establish your official USGA handicap through our partnership with the Florida State Golf Association.  The cost of the service is $20 per year plus tax.  You will be able to enter scores right from your own computer and receive updates via email every two weeks!

If you already have or have had a GHIN # in the past or you are renewing your service for the following year with us, please enter the word renewal and the GHIN number in the comment box.  If you are currently a member of Paradise Golf, please enter that in the comment box as well. 

Sign up now!  We will activate your handicap service immediately so you can start recording your scores within one day of registering with us. This fee will cover a 365 day period beginning from day 1 of your handicap activation and will be renewable annually after the expiration of the 365 day period. 

However, effective in year 2 of your service, we will reset your anniversary date to 1/1 and will bill you a prorated amount depending on your anniversary date.  The FSGA bills us an entire year for each user in December and if by 12/31 the user is shown as active, we will owe the FSGA the entire year with no revenue to cover that expense.