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Range Pass - Player's Card

Includes: 15 Large buckets & 5 Small buckets

Enjoy great savings and improve your game!

Range Pass - Game Groover Card

Includes: 25 Large bags

Enjoy Great Savings and Improve Your Game! 

Cross-Country Scramble - Saturday, December 8th 2018

10:00 AM Shotgun

Play Heron Glen Golf Course unlike you ever have before! Teams will be playing on a 10-hole re-designed golf course! Maps will be needed!

Format – Four player captain’s choice (scramble)


Team Entry Fee:  $200.00
Includes:  Green Fees, Cart Fees, Range Balls, Lunch served during play and Prizes.

Please include the names of each player on your team in the notes schedule.

Santa Open Golf Tournament - Saturday, December 1st 2018
Shotgun begins at 10:00AM
Format – Four player Scramble
Team Entry Fee: $320.00
Includes all green fees, cart fees, range balls, lunch served during play, prizes and stocking stuffers.

Please list player's names in the comments section during checkout.

Heron Glen Golf Course will be sponsoring local families this holiday season; the families are in need of canned goods, children’s books and toys. We are asking all participants to please help these families in need. 
Tailgating Golf Tournament - Sunday, November 4th 2018

10:00 am Shotgun Start
Team Entry Fee:  $320.00
Includes: all green fees, cart fees, range balls, Tailgating lunch after play & prizes.

Format :Four player Scramble
Teams will be flighted by their final team score.  
Tailgating activities will be on going throughout the day. NFL Jerseys will be permitted during this event. Tailgating party will be held after the event in the parking lot. Bring your tailgating chairs and your favorite team attire.


Please list player's names in the comments section during checkout. 


Turkey Shoot Golf Outing - Saturday, November 17th 2018
10:00 AM Shotgun Start
Format – Four player captain’s choice (scramble)
Team Entry Fee :  $320.00 
Inlcudes: all green fees, cart fees, range balls, lunched served during play and prizes. 

Please list player's names in the comments section during checkout. 

USGA Handicap Fee

New Jersey State Golf Association GHIN Handicap Fee. Once your NJSGA/GHIN Handicap is activated you will have full access to the following core NJSGA Member Services.

* NJSGA E-Benefits - Discount golf for NJSGA Members from NJSGA Member Golf Clubs and Courses
* GHIN - On-line Score Posting, Handicap Lookup, and keep your golf stats with eGolfer 
* Member Golf Days - One Day Net Events held at exclusive golf clubs for NJSGA members of varying skill levels.
* Championships - Test your skill with New Jersey's best of the best in the NJSGA's elite State Championships.

If you have had a previous USGA handicap please include your prior GHIN number and club in the comments section.

K-Vest Swing Efficiency Assessment - Lesson

Only $99.00

K-Vest System
The system’s user-friendly capture, analysis and training software precisely measures swing efficiency and movement patterns. There are many ways to swing a golf club, but only one proven way to swing efficiently. This is creating power from the ground up transferring energy starting with the pelvis to the torso to the lead arm and finally into the club in the downswing. K-Vest captures each golfer’s kinematic sequence. The Kinematic Sequence can be summarized as the body’s ability to create speed and power by transferring rotational velocity from segment to segment. It’s your “power signature.”
The system studies six elements of the swing, measuring them in varying degrees of rotation, tilt and bend.

These six elements are:
• Alignment at address
• Posture at address
• Hip and shoulder turn at top
• Hip position at top
• Hip movement during swing
• Spine movement during swing