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ANNUAL DRIVING RANGE PROGRAM - Save up to $3,100.00 on range balls for the year

Mile Square Golf Course

Yearly Driving Range Program

Mile Square Golf Course is pleased to offer Golfers the following benefit. In consideration for a prepaid annual fee, the Golfer shall have the opportunity to obtain and use one large basket of driving range balls each day the driving range is open.  Only one large basket is available to the Golfer each day.  The Golfer is issued a range key which is nontransferable.   Taking range balls off property is not allowed. 

Annual Fee:  $500.00

Refundable Range Key Deposit:  $5.00

Replacement Key Charge:  $25.00


Annual Plan Agreement

Mile Square Golf Course is hereby authorized to make a charge to my Credit Card on file, in the amount of $500.00, plus the $5.00 refundable range key deposit.  This contract does not roll over to the next year. 


I understand that this program is an annual program and can’t be pro-rated, nor refundable.


Upon expiration of this agreement I furthermore agree to turn over my range key within 10 days of cancellation and at that time receive my $5.00 Refundable Range Key Deposit.



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