Goofers League

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June 3 - August 5th - Goofers League

The “GOOFERS” will play for 10 consecutive weeks beginning Wednesday,  June 3rd  and continuing thru Wednesday, August 5th.  The league championship will be Wednesday, August 5th.

Tee times will begin at 4:00 pm. Tee times may be made the Wednesday prior to the day of play.  

Fee for the night of play will be of $36.00, however, $10.00 of that fee will be put into a prize pool.  Daylight and weather permitting you would be allowed to play the back nine, if you so decide, at no additional cost.

There will be NO additional “league fee”.

Prizes will be awarded for low gross and low net categories by combining your 5 best scores for the 10 weeks of the league.  So if you miss a couple of weeks, you still have a chance at the prize pool.  There will also be additional prizes and games on the night of the league championship.

You may walk or ride for the league, cart fee would be $12.00 per person.

If you are a player that has an Ambassador Twilight Passport or an Ambassador Weekday Passport, your green fee would be waived, however, you would have to pay $10.00 for the prize pool each day of play, and the cart fee if you choose to ride.